Join us this Sexual Assault Awareness Month...


as we watch Netflix’s “Unbelievable”. See the links below for discussion questions for each episode. We will also post one question on facebook per episode – visit our page to participate!

***Content warning: Inspired by true events, Unbelievable follows investigations of sexual assault, and includes depictions of sexual violence. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Please also consider how you are feeling emotionally in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when considering joining ALC in watching this show. There is no shame in knowing your limits with regard to consuming emotionally difficult media.


For statistics related to the show, visit this guide produced by the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

  • Relevant Sexual Assault Research p. 4-6
  • Neurobiology of Trauma p. 11-12

This show is based on a true story. Read more here, or here.

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