Episode 3 Discussion Questions


Sarah, Amber, and Marie each reacted very differently during their rapes. It is important to note that everybody reacts differently to traumatic situations, and no one reaction is the “right” reaction – Detective Rasmussen acknowledges this to Sarah. However, many of the series’ characters so far have an image of what the “right” reaction to a rape is. How do you think this idea has affected the victims in this series so far? How do you think that idea affects victims, their friends and families, and law enforcement in general?

Judith expressed to the detective in Episode 1 her desire to take care of Marie when talking to him about Marie’s history. She expresses this desire again to Marie in this episode when trying to keep her from finding out the media has her name. After both of these actions, Marie reacts negatively. How does Judith’s opinion of what Marie needs differ from Marie’s? How do you think this affects each of them?

What did you notice about Amber’s boyfriend’s actions and Amber’s reactions in the scene where the two of them speak with Detective Duval?

Detective Duval equates a rape to “a bullet in the spine”. What do you think of this comparison?

What do you think of the Seattle media’s treatment of Marie? From their point of view, Marie has falsely reported – do you think this justifies the stories they ran on her?

Marie reacted more positively to Connor than to anyone else she’s seen in the series so far. Why do you think that is?

Marie says “when they’re bigger than you, you can’t win” to Connor when talking about her interactions with adults. What power dynamics is she referring to?