Information for Referrers & Community Partners


Learn when and how to make a referral.


Domestic violence and sexual abuse are all too common. For example, one in three women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime (see more statistics). Your help can save a life.

Please watch for the warning signs of abuse and learn how to refer survivors to us or the proper authorities.

If you believe someone is in physical danger, call 911 now. Give law enforcement as many details as possible.

Warning Signs

  • Sudden changes in personality and appearance
  • Frequent injuries
  • Missing work or school
  • Isolation
  • Fear of conflict
  • Jealous partner
  • Blames herself or himself for relationship problems

Learn more about warning signs.

How to Help

While these tips say “she” and “her,” they also apply to men who are being abused:

  • Tell her you are worried about her safety. Help her recognize that what is happening is not normal and that she deserves a healthy, non-violent relationship.
  • Reassure her that she is not alone. Tell her you will help her get support.
  • Refer her for professional help. Call us at 719-486-3530.

Referring to the Advocates

If the survivor lives in Lake County, call us at 719-486-3530. The Advocates of Lake County has a 24/7 crisis hotline. All Advocates services are free and confidential.

Continuum of caringWe are not affiliated with the court system, law enforcement, or any other government departments. See our services.

We do provide emergency services to survivors who have not gone through a normal intake and are formally “clients.”

Our role is to provide support to survivors. We do not provide supplies (phones, etc.) unless the survivor is a client of the Advocates of Lake County.

Referring to Other Sources

Depending on what stage of abuse the survivor is in, he or she may need a range of the services on the Continuum of Caring.

See additional resources that may be of help.