Community Education & Programming

Women supporting each other for domestic abuse and sexual assault

Smart communities solve problems. Wise communities prevent them. Lake County does both.


ALC Community Programs provide education, awareness, and resources to help Leadville and Lake County do more than solve problems. We work to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Our work includes:

  • Lake County’s Survivor Safe Space Network — collaborating with local businesses and organizations on how to provide safe spaces for survivors of violence to access support resources
  • Coordinating Lake County’s Violence Prevention Team (VPT)
  • Lake County 2024 Resource Manual — collecting local resources in a bilingual guide to services and supports available in our community (from the VPT)
  • Hosting awareness months for topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  • Facilitating the Promotores community health liaison program in Lake County
  • and more