Episode 6 Discussion Questions


At one point each detective admits they still remember their first rape case. What effect do you think investigating a rape case has on law enforcement officers? Do you think it would be different for male and female officers?

Detective Duval says “he looks like any other guy” while waiting to collect DNA from her suspect in the diner. Earlier in the series, a character states “it’s never the oddballs [who rape]. It’s the guys that look nice”. What do you think about the perceptions people have about rapists? How do these perceptions affect victims?

Marie has been very hesitant to share with Judith about her court process. Why do you think that is?

Marie is triggered by the sight of a man with a backpack during her driving test, which the episode demonstrates with a flashback. What do you think the show’s use of flashbacks says about how victims experience trauma?

Describe how you think Marie is feeling when discussing her plea deal with her attorney, and when pleading guilty to false reporting.